‘Bookseller form Brønshøj’ charged with terrorism

February 12th, 2014

This article is more than 9 years old.

Convicted in 2007, man faces new charges of inciting terrorism

Said Mansour, a Danish/Moroccan citizen who was previously convicted on terror charges has once again been charged by Copenhagen Police with inciting terrorism. Mansour is often known as the ‘Bookseller from Brønshøj’ for his work in publishing terrorist tracts.

Mansour, who has changed his first name to Sam, has been charged with promoting terror, the same charge that he was convicted of in 2007 and for which he spent three and a half years in prison.

Copenhagen Police began investigating Mansour last May, after a tip from London police.

Mansour has been linked to the Islamic preacher Abu Qatada, who is currently in prison in the UK and awaiting a possible deportation to Jordan where he faces life in prison for terrorism. Mansour is also wanted in Jordan for the same reason. Qatada was considered al-Qaeda's spiritual leader in Europe.

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Police described Mansour as the ideologue behind a European terrorist network with connections to a wide range of Islamic terrorists.

Mansour was scheduled for a closed preliminary detention hearing this morning.


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