More cash on the cards for popular cycling project

February 27th, 2014

This article is more than 9 years old.

Funding boost will result in more rickshaw rides for elderly

‘Cycling without age’, a project to encourage the elderly to come out and enjoy the city, is set to receive more funding from the City Council according to a recent report on DR.

The boost would mean the scheme, which relies on cyclists to transport elderly residents around the city on rickshaw bikes, can look forward to a larger fleet.

Which means that as many as 40 more rickshaw bikes could soon be on the streets of Copenhagen.

Success everywhere
Since last year, elderly members of the city have been able to come out and feel the wind in their faces thanks to volunteers.

The idea has been popular and according to the project website, other locations in Denmark, such as the city of Aarhus and the island of Bornholm, are taking part.

The success is also spreading worldwide. Oslo in Norway is participating in the project and Austria and Brazil are currently looking into the opportunity of starting similar projects, writes DR.


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