Mass brawl following FCK vs Brøndby derby at Parken

May 5th, 2014

This article is more than 9 years old.

Some 200 fans clashed just around the corner from the stadium

About 200 fans were involved in a mass brawl in Østerbro following the FC Copenhagen vs Brøndby IF football match at Parken yesterday afternoon.

The fight started after the match as the 32,000 fans in attendance left the stadium.

According to police, a group of FCK supporters jumped over a hedge to chase some Brøndby fans. The police then used their truncheons to break up the fracas, and once the situation was under control, the officers escorted the Brøndby supporters to Svanemøllen station where special trains were laid on to carry them safely away.

Before the match police had to close several entrances at Parken to prevent fans from storming through them.

“Police dealt with problems between the two groups of fans all day,” police spokesperson Peter Dahl said in a progress report delivered after the game. “Things were fine before and during the match, so it is sad that there was a group of thugs who where looking to fight afterwards.”

What game?
Several smaller fights were also reported. About 20 arrests were made, with charges ranging from vandalism, illegal use of fireworks and drug possession to violence against police officers.

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And there was also a football match played on the day, which ended in a 1-1 draw after FCK equalised in the final moments.


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