Helicopter crash leaves three dead and one missing

September 7th, 2014

This article is more than 9 years old.

Chopper came down between Samsø and Røsnæs

Three bodies have been found following a helicopter crash in the sea between northwestern Zealand and the island of Samsø in central Denmark. Rescue teams are searching for the fourth person who was on board.

Wreckage found
The three bodies have not been identified according to a police statement.

Jesper Duelund Rasmussen, the press officer of the Admiral Danish Fleet, told TV2 News that the wreckage had been found but the remains of the fourth person was not in it. 

The helicopter was a US-built Robinson 44 and was being put to civilian use.

Martin Bjerregaard, a police spokesman, told press that the alarm was raised by a sailor in the region of where the helicopter crashed.

The police are working to identify the bodies of the deceased so that the next of kin can be notified. When the wreckage is brought to shore, it will be examined by the accident investigation board and the police to determine the cause of the crash.


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