Enhedslisten directly funding Kurds fighting in Syria

October 3rd, 2014

This article is more than 9 years old.

30,000 kroner will be handed over to a Kurdish leader visiting Denmark today

The Danish left-wing party Enhedslisten has announced it will donate 30,000 kroner directly to the Kurds fighting Islamic State (IS) in Syria.

The decision was made after the government rejected the party's proposal to provide support to the Kurds in Syria on par with the support the government already gives to the Kurds in Iraq.

"The situation in northern Syria in the area around the city of Kobani is desperate at the moment," Nikolaj Villumsen, Enhedslisten's spokesperson on defence issues, told TV2 News.

"IS is two kilometres from the city and is beheading and massacring the civilian population. The Kurds are being let down. They desperately need weapons."

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No to the F-16s
Villumsen will hand over the money to Saleh Muslim, one of the leaders of the Kurdish forces in northern Syria and the head of the PYD party, who is visiting Denmark today.

Enhedslisten's decision to directly support the Kurds comes just days after it was the lone party in parliament to vote against the government's plan to deploy seven F-16 fighter jets to fight IS in Iraq.

According to the news bureau AP, the Kurdish forces in Kobani are preparing for an all-out street battle in the city, which is located near the Turkish border.


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