Police traffic campaign leads to 12 arrests

269 out of 1,988 vehicles pulled over were found to have problems

Police caught 269 motorists breaking the law when they pulled over just 1,988 vehicles in the western suburbs of Copenhagen on Wednesday afternoon and evening, reports Metroxpress. 

Some 12 drivers were caught driving under the influence and arrested, and there were 28 cases of people driving without a licence.

Erik Radmer Jensen, the police for Copenhagen’s Vestegn Police Force, said the one-in-seven ratio was worrying.

“I find it depressing that so many people were breaking the law, and on an ordinary Wednesday at that," he told Metroxpress.

"Some of the infringements were extremely serious and downright indefensible.”

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Trucks and taxis in trouble
Several motorists were driving without a seatbelt. Two taxi drivers had their licences rescinded and the police’s special lorry unit pulled over 34 trucks.

The operation was co-ordinated by traffic officers from Copenhagen Vestegn Police Force with help from other precincts and a number of government agencies, including SKAT.