New osteoporosis awareness campaign launched this week

November 17th, 2014

This article is more than 9 years old.

Sundhedsstyrelsen, the health authority, has launched an osteoporosis awareness campaign this week.

Run in association with the Danish Osteoporosis Association, ‘Knas med Knoglerne’ is aimed at women in their 50s and men in their 60s.

It primarily highlights the dangers of having a disease that causes the bones to slowly degrade. This might include bones fracturing from little duress, or a vertebrae suddenly collapsing.

It affects both men and women, although women stand a greater risk of being affected, particularly as they get older. One in four women over the age of 75 is afflicted by the disease.

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Many patients unaware
Only 3.4 percent of Danes are aware they have the disease, whereas researchers estimate that there might be as many as 500,000-600,000 cases. The majority of patients only discover they are affected following an unexpected fracture

”It is important to discover osteoporosis as soon as possible,” commented Barbara Hjalsted, a doctor with Sundhedsstyrelsen, in a press release.

“Bone degradation can be slowed down if treated properly, and fractures can be prevented.”

The campaign encourages the high-risk group to be tested for the condition.

”The risk of contracting osteoporosis is due in part to genetics but also one’s lifestyle,” remarked Hjalsted.

“It is therefore important to speak to one’s GP about it and evaluate the risk level.”


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