Man sentenced to 12 years for foam sealant murder

December 3rd, 2014

This article is more than 9 years old.

“Sex game” defence fails to sway court

The district court in Roskilde has sentenced 45-year-old Stig Friis Therkildsen to 12 years in prison for killing then lover Karin Barfod by spraying foam sealant down her throat while she was bound with strips.

The murder took place in Therkildsen’s camper in the early morning of 23 October last year.

A deadly "mistake"
Therkildsen had previously told the court that he and Barfod were playing sex games when he mistakenly grabbed the can of sealing foam rather than the can of whipped cream that was sitting next to it. 

He said that he tried to no avail to rescue Barfod when he realised his mistake and claimed that he was only guilty of unintentional manslaughter.

Dumped the body
Therkildsen never called an ambulance or the police. After Barfod died, he wrapped her body in plastic bags and tossed it into a trash container where it was discovered by police a few days later.

The prosecution had asked that Therkildsen be sentenced to no less than 14 years. Judge Linda Lauritsen revealed that the jury voted eight-to-four for the 12-year sentence.

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Therkildsen will also be required to pay the 210,000 kroner court costs. He told the court he was “sorry” for what had happened.


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