Every fifth young person approves of sex for gifts

January 23rd, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

While 38 percent approve of giving gifts and services for sex

A new survey by Gallup for the Copenhagen drop-in and counselling centre Reden København has revealed that 23 percent of young people aged 15-20 think it's okay to accept a gift in exchange for a blow-job or other form of oral sex.

The survey also revealed that 38 percent approved of the giving of gifts or services in exchange for sex.

”We experience that the behaviour of youth on social media and other places online is contributing to them shifting their limits regarding what's acceptable,” Charlotte Fuglsang, the superintendent at Reden København, told Politiken newspaper.

”It's clear that young people think there's a difference between getting a iPhone for sex and getting money.”

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Grey zone
Receiving services or gifts for sex is referred to as 'grey zone prostitution' and is an issue worthy of more attention in the public forum, Fuglsang contends.

But when young people offer sexual services for gifts, they rarely seek help because they don't see it as being problematic or a form of prostitution.

It's so common that there is now a dating website, sugardaters.dk, where young 'sugarbabes' and 'boy-toys' can accept gifts from well-off 'sugar-daddies' and 'sugar-mommas'.


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