Enjoy buenos aires at a restaurant that pampers its customers

Tucked away from the neon-lit banks of Nyhavn is a little place called Tango y Vinos. It oozes class and sophistication through its deep red walls and portraits of acclaimed jazz artists. 

And it's not just its interiors that exude this warmth either. The notion also extends to its hostess, Eliza, a quiet, softly-spoken woman who with her husband bought Tango y Vinos after working there for seven years. 

Tango y Vinos serves up fine Argentine fare to suit every taste. Naturally steak is the go-to for these kinds of places. However if one isn't inclined to chow down on some cow then there are alternatives: not many but they're there; just don't bring your vegan friends because they'll be sorely disappointed. 

Catering in contrasts
The menu offers two options for each course, so for the sake of sampling everything at Tango y Vinos, my colleague and I opted for a different option each time.

First off were two incredibly different starters. My colleague opted for the salmon tartar with marscapone and pistachios, which was incredibly light and refreshing, while I went for the homemade mushroom soup. Prepared with five varities of mushrooms, sour cream and rosemary, this was – in stark contrast to the tartar – rich, flavoursome and definitely a dish to go for during winter. So far so good.

Wine that lets the food shine
Now would be a fantastic time to mention that not only does Tango y Vinos serve hearty meals, it also boasts an impressive collection of fine wines, with not a bottle of cheap prosecco in sight! Eliza carefully paired our meal with a bottle of Aguijón de Abeja Cabernet Sauvignon. Light and fruity with floral and peppery undertones giving it bite and body, it married up well with each course. It’s a thoroughly drinkable wine on its own – no food necessary but it helps!

The main courses were where the Argentine cuisine really came into its own. My colleague chose a classic dish: steak. Rare. Only the finest Angus steak is dished up here, cooked to perfection and joined on the plate by grilled vegetables, parsely chips and a light mushroom sauce – keeping things incredibly light.

While I went for Tango y Vinos' fish of the day served with grilled vegetables and an almond dressing that is the backbone of this dish, saving it from being too dry and salty.

Wholehearted dedication
Not only does Tango y Vinos excel in terms of the flavours it creates, but its flair for presentation also shines through – particularly when it comes to desserts. My colleague opted for the pear tarte while I chose the cheesecake, which were both beautifully put together on the plate.

Perhaps the most striking thing of all about Tango y Vinos is the service. I couldn't help but get the impression that Eliza wholeheartedly cares about those who choose to dine at her restaurant. An empty glass at Tango y Vinos is a rare sight. And that's the way it should always be.

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