Contractors to be fined for leaving roadwork at a standstill

February 12th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

Contractors who drag their heels on road work are set to be hit with hefty fines.

From July 1, the municipality will have the right to fine those who leave road work at a standstill and unfinished.

"We now have the possibility to issue fines if you just leave digging standing still. We have seen that contractors undertake many tasks at once and send their people around wherever it is most profitable, and leave the rest of the work to stand still, "says technical and environmental mayor Morten Kabell to business.dk

However the opposition aren't happy about this and are calling for increased co-operation between the municipality and contractors.

"We think it's a really bad way to go with fines," explains construction industry director, Niels Nielsen, "There are many conflicting interests and different concerns at these projects, and there may be many reasons why a project is delayed. The collaboration we have already started with the City of Copenhagen, working, and it's much better than someone running around with a fine block."

It's not just the fact the Copenhagen's streets are a mess, it is also a costly measure costing the economy 20 million kroner.

The situation is also proving frustrating for businesses. A study by Berlingske has shown that in the last 4 years, 70% of business owners feel that maneouvrability in the city has decreased drastically and 40% also feel that the work has hindered their ability to operate their businesses.

The new measure should hurry work along and ensure that work causes as little disruption as possible.


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