Terror suspect killed in shootout with police

February 15th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

Day of violence ends with more bloodshed

Copenhagen Police believe that they have killed the man who shot and killed two people and wounded five police officers during a spree of violent attacks that began on Saturday afternoon and ended in the early hours of this morning.

“We assume that the man we have been tracking and who has now been shot by police is the same man who opened fire with automatic weapons at Krudttønden at 15:33 yesterday afternoon,” said police spokesman Jørgen Skov at a briefing held this morning.

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Investigation continues
Skov said that there was much work to be done in the case of the attacks at Krudttønden on Saturday and at a Copenhagen synagogue early this morning.

Police said that they had been tracking the suspected shooter via video surveillance that followed him from the crime scene at Krudttønden, where he stole a car nearby and drove towards Borgervænget behind Kildevældsparken in Copenhagen.

“We saw him go to  Kildevældsskolen and make a phone call,” said Skov.

A taxi picked the suspect up a short time later. Police questioned the driver who told them that he had dropped the man off at an apartment complex in Nørrebro. Surveillance revealed that the man was dropped off at about 16:15 and then left about 20 minutes later.

A final shootout
Police kept watch on the complex, and the suspect returned there at about 4:50 this morning.

“Officers shouted at him, and he opened fire,” said Skov. Police returned fire, killing the suspect.

Police said that evidence indicated that the dead man was the shooter and that it appeared at this point that he was working alone. They are continuing to investigate the man’s known contacts and advise that there will be an increased presence of officers on the streets of the city.

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Two people died and five officers were wounded in Saturday's attack at Krudttønden and the attack on a synagogue early this morning.


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