That Theatre Company production at Krudttønden on hold

February 20th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

Organisers thank patrons for patience while shooting holds venue doors closed

The opening and subsequent performances of Shakespeare’s Women, the latest production being presented by That Theatre Company at Krudttønden, are currently on hold while authorities continue to investigate the terrorist shooting that occurred there last Saturday.

“We are very moved by all the support and sympathy we have received since the shooting last Saturday,” said Ian Burns from That Theatre Company. “We look forward to opening the doors again when we get the go-ahead from the authorities and after repairs have been carried out.”

Community values
Burns said that he expected Krudttønden to be closed until at least February 24. He said that the values of the community centre have become even more real since the shooting.

“One of the reasons for Krudttønden’s existence is to be a centre for the community,” said Burns. “There is a strong sense of purpose.”

Shaken but solid
Burns said that he and his group were of course “shaken” by the attacks, “but not as much as the staff who were there and who ducked behind the bar and were being shot at”.

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Burns has had to cancel some sold out performances and asked that the public remain patient during these difficult days for the company and the theatre. More information is available here.


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