First an island, and now the Copenhagen Post offices

February 22nd, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

The offices of the Copenhagen Post are getting pretty adept at dealing with the demands or the journalists of tomorrow, although we're not sure we've ever been subjected to so many thoughtful and thought-provoking questions before – or at least from somebody aged nine.

"How come some of the photos are inappropriate?" we were asked by the Cub Scouts of America as one of their cubs opened the newspaper to reveal an acclaimed artist – or at least on page 9 of the Weekly Post he is – attempting to serenade the Little Mermaid with as little on as she has. "Err, by including stories like these, we hope we're being representative of the real Denmark," we said, building in confidence. "What might be inappropiate in your home country, isn't necessarily here."

With the Q&A successfully vanquished, we took the five to nine-year-olds and their three accompanying adults into the news room to submit their findings to paper and … the front page.

And thus barely 30 minutes after arriving, they were able to show off a new discovery. 'Land of Kids' – as if you could ever doubt it.


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