LinkedIn confirms 1.6 million Danish users at Social Media Week

February 26th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

Admission a rare one from a social network that does not usually confirm country-specific numbers

Some 1.6 million Danes have a profile on the business-orientated social network LinkedIn, and that is privileged information!

The information was disclosed on Wednesday at a workshop during Social Media Week, which is currently taking place in Copenhagen until Friday.

It was a rare admission from a company that does not normally reveal user numbers by country.

Mikkel Preisler, the company's senior account executive, explained that the policy is in place to protect LinkedIn's performance on the US stock market.

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A bit boring
However, Preisler acknowledged that Danes are not as active on LinkedIn as on Facebook. 

According to Trine-Maria Kristensen, who advises companies on the use of social media, the lack of concrete figures is a problem for tech-companies. 

"The secrecy indicates that LinkedIn has a low exposure and that people do not use it much," Kristensen told Berlingske.

"I think people generally think LinkedIn is a bit boring."

Tenth most visited website
LinkedIn announced that at the beginning of this year more than 330 million people had a profile on the network worldwide. In Denmark, it is the tenth most visited website.  

However, the company did not share any exact figures, and so it is not possible to ascertain how many users have already abandoned their profiles or not updated them for years.


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