At Cinemas: Insurgent sounds highly illogical

March 19th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

Divergent was a poorly received adaptation of yet another young adult dystopian sci-fi series – representative of the current studio scramble for the next big franchise to replace Hunger Games and Twilight. Summit Entertainment are apparently sticking with this horse, as they’ve let another one out of the stable – the equally panned sequel Insurgent opens this week. Fortunately for Summit, the competition isn’t much of a threat, as the two other releases this week have been similarly loved by critics…

Gunman, a politically-charged ‘hunter becomes the hunted’ yarn is produced by Sean Penn and also stars him as the titular hitman on the run. Early word has not been kind. Only a slightly more favourable reception awaits the aptly-titled The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, a sequel that falls well short of its unexceptional predecessor, which is reviewed this week.

Cinema salvation comes in the form of the Copenhagen Architecture Festival X Film – a three-day event (March 19-22) spread across six museums and cinemas. There will be talks, walks, debates, screenings and Cinemateket will be at the centre of all this, hosting a series of fiction films, documentaries and film portraits that explore the relationship between architectural and cinematic space. Among the many examples, on Saturday at 19:15 you can see a rare, early masterpiece by Wong Kar Wai (In The Mood For Love), Days Of Being Wild, which will be introduced by Neils Bjørn, a film director and chairman of Tænketanken URBAN (Think Tank Urban) who will discuss the film’s big city setting. For full listings see dfi.dk/Filmhuset and be sure to book ahead.

Any sci-fi geek worth their spice will have been mourning the recent passing of their favourite TV grandparent, Leonard Nimoy, aka Mr Spock. Huset will be marking the event with a special screening tonight (Thursday 19th) at 19:30: Celebrating SPOCK: A TRIBUTE TO LEONARD NIMOY. The evening will include two Spock-centric episodes of Star Trek and a comprehensive look at Nimoy’s career, which spanned nearly seven decades. See huset-kbh.dk.
Until next week, live long and prosper.


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