Municipality sets out to shame lazy dog owners

March 24th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

If a dog walker doesn’t clean up what Fido leaves behind on the streets of Greve, the municipality is calling on other residents to point out their mess

The Zealand municipality of Greve is tired of people letting their dogs leave what it called “landmines” behind on the streets. Through the municipality’s Facebook page, it has called on citizens to stick flags in the dog turds and shame lazy dog ​​owners.

“Are you frustrated with having to zigzag between ‘land mines’? Help us by planting flags in the dog turds, so we can make the guilty pay attention to their bad habits,” reads the message on the Greve Facebook page.

“Maybe it will embarrass them enough to clean up after their dogs.”

Politicians should check their own pants
The post kicked of a lively debate, where many sided with the municipality, while others said that there needed to be more poop bins.

The municipality responded that it costs them nearly a quarter of a million kroner annually to empty the 35 special dog turd bins that it already maintains.

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One poster took special exception to the municipal shaming and said that Greve’s politicos should “stick a flag in their own pants based on the amount of shit that they put out”.


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