Business leaders call for removing tax on mobile phones

April 12th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

Mobiles no longer a perk, but a necessity

Phones are a necessity, say business leaders (Photo: Flickr)

Business group Dansk Erhverv are joining with Liberal Alliance in calling for the end to the multimedia tax paid by employees that have a employer-paid mobile phone.

“For many a mobile phone is not a perk,” Dansk Erhverv spokesperson Ulla Brandt told Søndagsavisen. “For many employees these days a mobile phone is as necessary as a pen, paper and home telephone was in the past.”

Liberal Alliance spokesperson Joachim B. Olsen agreed.

“People often work from home and the phone is an essential tool; It is unwise to tax it,” said Olsen.

Venstre not onboard
Olsen said that dropping the multimedia tax is a point in Liberal Alliance’s new business initiative.

Venstre, however, disagreed.

“Venstre would rather prioritise tax cuts, so that it pays to work,” said Venstre tax spokesman Torsten Schack Pedersen. “We think that the current arrangement is reasonable.”

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An employer-provided mobile phone can be tax free if it is used exclusively for work. If the phone is used for private and work use, then the phone is taxable at a rate of 2,600 kroner annually.


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