Food minister under fire for ‘banal’ nutrition tips

April 24th, 2015

This article is more than 9 years old.

Opposition parties think Jørgensen’s tips are expensive hot air

Food minister rejects criticism (photo: Ministeriet For Fødevarer, Landbrug og Fiskeri)

“Learn to make food – and teach someone else. Use raw ingredients – and shop with consideration for people, animals and the planet. Eat together with others – and enjoy being together and the meal time.”

It sounds like the beginning of the rules of ‘Fight Club’ (if the film had been about beating eggs instead of other people to pulp), but they are actually the result of a half-year, million kroner think-tank initiative to strengthen Denmark’s food culture.

Just a day after proudly announcing the results of the think-tank’s work and Denmark’s new nutrition tips, Dan Jørgensen, the food minister is on the receiving end of criticism from Liberal Alliance and Venstre, DR reports.

Hot air
“Totally ridiculous,” is Liberal Alliance MP Mette Bock’s assessment of the project.

“The three pieces of advice are completely banal and just another example of Dan Jørgensen wanting to put himself out there.”

“It’s a waste of money to come up with such hot air,” Erling Bonnesen, Venstre’s agriculture and food spokesperson, chimed in.

“Give me a million and I’ll find out whether soup is best eaten with a spoon,” Twitter user @DanmarksFremtid wrote to the minister.

But Jørgensen completely disagrees with the criticism.

“I’m happy with the meal-time think-tank’s dedicated work, which has now resulted in simple pieces of advice and concrete ideas for how we can put the advice into practice in our everyday lives,” he said.


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