Confirmation spending out of hand, worries clergy

April 27th, 2015

This article is more than 9 years old.

Hiring an expensive car unconducive to the big day, argue several chuches

Leave the Ferrari at home when picking up the latest member of the church (photo: Rossographer)

The tradition of picking up a newly-confirmed child in a fancy ride is getting out of hand, according to some priests.

Peter Lind, the vicar at Middelfart Church, has banned flashy wheels in front of his church.

“If there is someone who wants to pick up a newly-confirmed child in a red Ferrari, they need to avoid the road in front of the church,” Lind told DR Nyheder.

Haves and have-nots
Lind said he is not trying to interfere in how some parents choose to celebrate, but he wants the day to be a positive experience for everyone, including those families who cannot afford a fancy car.

“The expensive cars at the church create a visible difference between the children at church,” said Lind. “There are those children whose families cannot afford a fancy car, and those are not the feelings that one wants to feel on confirmation day.”

Bredballe Church near Vejle also has firm rules about confirmation pick-ups.

“It is everyone’s day, and no-one should stand out,” said vicar Lisbeth Frøkiær.

Some clergy are afraid that the high costs associated with confirmations may scare some parents away from having their children join the church.

A study conducted by Nordea in 2013 showed that the cost of an  average confirmation is about 30,000 kroner.


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