Hail, rain and a touch of clear sky this holiday weekend

Pia Marsh
April 30th, 2015

This article is more than 9 years old.

DMI warns of a cold and wet holiday weekend

“Don’t expect heatstroke – the weather this weekend will be cool and unsettled,” says DMI (photo: Pixabay)

Tomorrow, Friday May 1, is both Great Prayer Day and Labour Day. But if you think you’ll be spending it outside, you can think again – or at least be prepared to do so in your winter jacket.

“Today, western Denmark will wake up to rain, which will fall over the rest of the country throughout the course of the day,” Frank Nielsen, a meteorologist at DMI, told Ekstra Bladet this morning.

It gets worse, Nielsen warns. “We can expect thunder and hail in the afternoon hours in the west,” he said.

The rain is expected to clear in the afternoon; however, the weather will remain somewhat unsettled for the rest of the weekend.

Warm clothing for May 1
Traditionally a day associated with outdoor activities and lounging around Fælleparken with friends, beer and food, this year’s weather might entail a change of plan.

“The weather looks relatively clear in the morning, but the air is cold with temperatures around freezing,” continued Nielsen.

“Temperatures are expected to rise to around 10 degrees during the day, but showers are predicted across the country. Don’t expect heatstroke – the weather this weekend will be cool and unsettled.”

Red sky in the morning, shepherd’s warning
While Thursday and Friday are set to be wet and cold, there is still hope for Saturday and Sunday.

“Saturday, in particular, looks convincing. It starts cold, and there may be a local shower or two, but it is likely to be a fine day with nice bit of sun. There will be a light, fresh wind from the southwest, but mostly fine,” Nielsen explains.

Sunday also starts well, but ends in a way that suggests a dark and cold Monday morning.

Good weather in May
After months of winter hibernation, we certainly deserve some sunshine – and a tentative forecast has predicted an improvement in weather come mid-May.

According to DMI, a sustained period of sunshine, with temperatures of up to 20 degrees, is expected from May 13 onwards.

Allergy sufferers, beware
For those suffering allergies at this time of year, birch pollen counts remain at a high of 291 particles per cubic metre – perhaps another reason to stay indoors this weekend.












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