Nearly every second Copenhagener cycles to work

Lucie Rychla
May 1st, 2015

This article is more than 9 years old.

The city is getting closer to reaching its ambitious goal – now the hard work begins

Rush hour in Copenhagen (photo: Heb)

Nearly every second Copenhagener chooses to cycle to work or school instead of driving or using public transport, Berlingske reports.

According to a new study, 45 percent of those who have a job or go to school prefer to use their metal horses over getting stuck in traffic in a car.

That is a significant increase compared to 2013, when 41 percent used a bicycle for commuting, and an even bigger increase compared to the 36 percent in 2012.

Room for us all
“The numbers suggest that our interventions are working and it is clear that Copenhageners love to cycle in the capital,” said Morten Kabell, the deputy mayor for technical and environmental issues.

“That said, the growing number of cyclists requires that we invest in new cycling paths and continue expanding the cycling network, so there is enough room for all of us.”

The city’s goal is to get 50 percent of the capital’s population to cycle to work, which would, according to Kabell, require new ideas.

Reaching the stubborn 
“Now comes the hard work of reaching the commuters who are not easily convinced,” Kabell noted.

“Among other, we will look at road pricing, parking policies, the layout of roads and speed zones.”

In 2014, Copenhageners cycled approximately 4.14 billion kilometres.


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