“Probably the best roast pork sandwich in Copenhagen, and the world!”

Rebecca Adams
May 5th, 2015

This article is more than 9 years old.

Guardian waxes lyrical about flæskesteg sandwich at Isted Grill

The Guardian has named a flæskesteg sandwich served by the Isted Grill in Vesterbro as the best roast pork sandwich in the world. Or at least that’s what it said in its Carlsberg-inspired headline: “Probably the best roast pork sandwich in Copenhagen, and the world!”

The Danish special – which consists of grilled roast pork, braised red cabbage, mayonnaise and pickled cucumbers, all in between two white buns  – has been given so much praise that the long-running late-night joint is bound to gain popularity.

Even vegans find it irresistable
“Something that delicious is probably best described in cliches, so, here goes: it’s like a party in your mouth,” praised the Guardian.

“Or maybe a flavour explosion. Either way, it begins the moment your teeth crunch through the salty, fatty crackling.”

Apparently a vegan friend of the journalist found it irresistible and ended up eating two of the sandwiches.

“Isted Grill’s flæskesteg sandwiches are probably the best thing you’ll eat in Copenhagen – as my vegan friend will confirm.”

Worth a bite
The two eating partners found the experience so delicious that they returned to eat another.

The popular flæskesteg sandwich costs only 30 kroner. Isted Grill is located at Istedgade 92, about ten minutes walk from Copenhagen Central Station.


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