Free Saturday entry at the cinema for all children turning 10 in 2015

Christian Wenande
May 6th, 2015

This article is more than 9 years old.

Contact your local cinema for program infromation

Who doesn’t remember the first time they sat down in the cinema with a bag of candy and a soft drink to wash down the enchanting experience? Well, on Saturday May 9 – if your child turns 10 this year – they can have that same experience … for free!

On Saturday, all children who turn 10 in 2015 have the opportunity to gain free entrance to cinemas nationwide.

“We do this because we love film and we want to help show children a fantastic experience – seeing films on the silver screen in the cinema,” the cinema organisation Danske Biografer said.

“And because we want to be part of inspiring kids to enter into the world of cinema – one of the most beautiful spaces where dreams, fantasy and experiences reside.”

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Contact your cinema
It’s the seventh year in a row that Danish cinemas have celebrated the ’10-årsdagen’ (’10-year anniversary’) with over 10,000 children taking advantage of the free cinema pass every year.

Individual cinemas will choose their own programs for the day, so the rules might vary depending on where you go.

Find out more at 10aarsdagen.dk (in Danish).


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