Tourism report: Copenhagen expensive but hospitable

Christian Wenande
May 7th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

The city is working to overcome value for money challenges

A new report from Copenhagen’s service project NICE (New Innovative Customer Experiences) has shown that while the Danish capital is one of the most expensive cities to visit, it is among the best when it comes to hospitality and the ability to communicate across language barriers.

The report – which is based on a survey by the international analysis firm TCI Research – compares the experiences of tourists in Copenhagen compared to over 30 European cities.

“Copenhagen has several challenges when you look at value for money, but it does have a strong position in terms of hospitality, a general sense of security, the ability of locals to communicate across language barriers and transport options to and from the airport,” Olivier Henry Biabaud, the head of TCI Research, told Wonderful Copenhagen.

“It is essential Copenhagen keeps building on these parameters and continues developing and innovating in order to provide the tourists with more and better experiences. That will ultimately leave the tourists with the feeling that the quality is better reflected by the price.”

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Value for money
The report also revealed some of the challenges Copenhagen faces, mostly in relation to poor value for money in the areas of shopping, local food and  overnight stays.

The report will be published at the NICE LIVE service conference at the Bremen Theatre in Copenhagen on June 2.


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