Five people in custody following car chase and shooting

Lucie Rychla
May 21st, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

When trying to escape the scene, one of the cars crashed into a pizzeria

Residents from some of the most vulnerable areas in Copenhagen showed infection rates three times higher than that of the wider population (photo: Kim Bach)

Five people were arrested in the northwestern district of Copenhagen on Wednesday night after a shot was fired at a car that moments later crashed into a pizzeria.

The incident followed a car chase involving two black cars between Tuborgvej and Tagensvej.

“The cars stopped at Bispebjerg Station and some people got out. It quickly escalated into mayhem,” stated Rasmus Skovsgaard, a deputy inspector with Copenhagen Police.

Things went wrong
Skovsgaard explained that when one of the cars was leaving the scene, someone from the other car fired a shot at it.

The police can confirm that no-one was hit by the shot.

“The car that was shot at then sped along Tagensvej, but something went wrong and it ran into the front of a pizzeria,” reported Skovsgaard.

“The five passengers then fled towards Slangerupgade.”

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Later, Copenhagen Police found an axe lying on the front seat of the abandoned car.

No charges filed yet
Meanwhile, the second vehicle was driven to Mjølnerparken, where the police found it and secured it.

No formal charges have yet been filed against any of those arrested, revealed Skovsgaard.


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