Blink and you would swear the Man in Black is back

Ella Navarro
May 29th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

(All photos: Ella Navarro)


“We got married in a fever …” I wake up with this tune bouncing around my head after spending the night at Amager Bio watching the Johnny Cash Roadshow – a UK tribute band to the master of all.

Going to a concert and hearing a band play live on stage, I believe, is an incredible life experience. You feel a rush when you hear the songs you love and that everyone can relate to. So when I found out there was a Johnny Cash tribute band, which I must admit I wasn’t aware of (my bad, but I am not from around these parts), and that they were playing here in Copenhagen, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. I was thrilled to know I could hear Johnny and June’s tunes live. Thrilled.

Hearing my brother play Cash’s songs on the guitar was my first encounter, but I guess I fell entirely in love after I saw the Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon movie ten years ago. Ten! I had to confirm that because it does not seem that long ago. But yes, the recreation of the idol’s life in the film made me a regular listener. And I guess it’s never too late to become a fan.


From the first to the last song, the show amazed me. It was like travelling back in time with their voices, just like they themselves were here. Clive John makes an excellent, I could almost say perfect, interpretation of the Man in Black, which gave me goosebumps more than a couple of times.

The show itself is more than just your usual concert. It’s a celebration of the life and the work of the legendary figure of country music. Narration and visuals take you on his life journey while you listen to his inspiring lyrics. All the famous tunes were played: ‘The Ring of Fire’, ‘Folsom Prison Blues’, ‘A Boy named Sue’, ‘Hurt’, ‘Walk the line’, ‘Jackson’. My favourites, though, were the duets with ‘June’ (a superb Jill Schoonjans).


Not too many were dancing at the venue, and I’ve got to admit that I was one of the few who represented the younger crowd there, but I know I will dance and sing like crazy even when I am in my 50s, because when you feel it in your veins, you just can’t help it!



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