Danes voting with vibrators in the 2015 Sex Election

June 17th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

Sex shop customers buy red or blue dildos to show their political allegiance

Make your choice (photo: Sinful.dk)

For the past two weeks, Denmark’s biggest online erotic retailer Sinful.dk has been running what can be argued to be the most penetrating political opinion poll the country has ever seen.

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The company is offering ‘election dildos’ for sale. Customers are invited to choose either a red or blue model in order to show their support for their side of choice in the general election.

Mathilde Mackowski is the co-owner of Sinful.dk and the brains behind the promotion.

“Our goal with the election campaign was in the first instance to see if it was at all possible to get Danes to confess their colour and take their political beliefs with them into the bedroom,” she said.

“And it has to be said that it was.”

Going deeper
The company ran a similar opinion poll in 2011, but this time it is conducting more comprehensive analysis of the results.

“We have chosen to go deeper into the numbers and therefore made an interactive map of Denmark split up into the country’s 92 constituencies,” Mackowski explained.

“Each day we count the votes up and distribute them according to the constituency where the customer comes from.”

City dwellers tend to like their sex toys and politicians red, while rural Danes prefer their elected representatives and vibrators blue.

Predicting accuracy
The poll is currently showing the red bloc leading with 51.4 percent of the votes.

“Our latest count of votes tells us that the 2015 Sex Election could end up incredibly close to the final parliamentary election results.”

On this, the last day before the election, you can place your vote and secure your election dildo for just 10 kroner (reduced from 59 kroner) at Sinful.dk/valg-dildo-2015.


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