Week 12: But your body can be bootylicious too, boys!

Becks Kaysen
June 19th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

This week it’s all about staying hydrated, high intensity workouts and some special bum exercises!


The workout this week really got me huffing and puffing! Maybe this was in part due to the fact that I have exercise-induced asthma, but also due to the incredible intensity courtesy of Kayser.


It only takes about 20-30 minutes, but already after round two, I couldn’t wait for the finish line, and it really is a great feeling to make it!
All about the glutes
The workout activates your legs and glutes while really working your cardio too, which makes it an ideal workout for weight-loss.

Your glutes are the largest and strongest muscles in your body. Unsurprisingly, training them has a significantly beneficial effect on your body. It gives you pelvic and spinal stabilisation, good posture, athletic performance and injury prevention – especially in the knees, lower back, hamstrings and groin.


Man booty is a thing
While the woman’s booty gets a lot of attention, it is important for men to remember to focus some attention on this area of the body too (women really do appreciate it, boys!).

And by that, I don’t just mean squats, as excellent as these are, but focus on many different dynamic glute exercises. It’s not only Eric Prydz who can get away with doing some donkey kicks at the gym.





Nutrition Tip of the Week: Stay hydrated!!

Temperatures are finally rising to acceptable summer standards in Copenhagen – or at least sporadically.

While we might not be in danger of dehydration as acutely as our fellow humans in almost every other part of the world – I’d bet good money even the southern hemisphere is still getting more degrees than we do here – it is incredibly important to stay hydrated to avoid heat-related stress and fatigue.

I’m ‘lol’-ing a bit as I write this, but you never know when a heatwave might be on its way! Here are some useful tips:
1. Calculate your water needs. You need half an ounce to one ounce of water per pound of body weight each day. If you’re 200 pounds (90 kilos), that’s 100 ounces (3 litres) a day.

2. Do a hydration check midday. The colour of your urine is a great way to gauge hydration. Make it your goal to achieve clearer urine by 3 pm every day.

3. Did you know most fruits and vegetables contain 80 percent water? Eat your way to better hydration with these foods.

4. Thirst can often be confused for hunger. Drink three big gulps of water with every meal or snack to ensure you’re satisfying your body’s need for water.

5. Reach for an electrolyte replacement drink to help replenish vitamins and minerals lost in sweat.


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