“Open sesame” ordered Ali Baba. And he wasn’t disappointed

Ella Navarro
June 20th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

Ruby is a gem worth discovering


Say the words: “Open sesame!” … and Ruby will be revealed. And then
later again, and you’ll be in heaven.

But first, just like Ali Baba, you need to know where the treasure is, and believe me, it’s easy to miss!

A disguised diamond
LOCATED in a beautiful area of the city by the Nybrogade canal, from the outside Ruby looks like an old apartment.

Like most treasure troves worth visiting, it does not reveal its charm until you enter.

The place is a throwback to the roaring 20s, where patrons lounge on Chesterfield sofas in an elegant setting befitting of Gatsby himself. It also has a gentleman’s cigar club vibe, partly due to the pleasant, unobtrusive 50s and 60s music in the background. The overall effect is that you feel like you are drinking in the comfort of a antique living room surrounded by paintings and big mirrors – a perfect place to unwind after a long day at work.

Plus there’s a secret room downstairs that oozes sophistication through its carpeted walls, private bar and old bottles in glass cabinets. You picture it staging lavish events and private parties, but on any given day, it’s open for anyone who wants to enjoy it. Entering feels like privileged access.


IMG_7778 IMG_7710



Menu is the bees’ knees
When we visited, they had just launched their new menu and it is to die for. We started off with ‘Dessert Rose’. Fresh, elegant, gin with white chocolate and rose water. Should I say more? Simply dessert-full!

However, my doors to unadulterated pleasure were truly opened when we tried ‘Open Sesame!’ What a great name and what a luscious drink. Orange with carrots and coconut cream with rum. In their own words: “A cocktail bursting with tropical flavour to make you dream of that beach holiday” that you are longing for.

And just like there’s always room for one more, you must have the ‘Green Bees’. Pisco imported from Peru with lime and local honey, plus a touch of Sorrel leaves. A Latino taste that you will adore.




Cream of the crop
RUBY HAS been in Copenhagen for eight years now, and they always manage to keep it fresh, reinventing themselves with ease. Whether you’ve already been there or it’s your first time, you should definitely stop by to sample its pleasures.

Nybrogade 10, Cph K;
open Mon-Sat 16:00-02:00 & Sun 19:00-01:00;
cocktails 110-120kr; over-25s;


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