Government has plans to build big on Danish coastline

Pia Marsh
July 1st, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

Government set to abolish the Planning Act, paving the way for more concrete coastal projects

The Svendborg coastline will be transformed into a major tourist destination with these new initiatives (photo: Erik Christensen)

The newly formed Venstre government has come forward with a simple message for municipalities and property developers: build as much as you want along the Danish coastline, as long as it is sustainable.

The message comes after Venstre announced its intention to terminate the Planning Act so that municipalities can offer more attractive plots close to the undulating blue sea to boost growth in the periphery.

And there are more exotic projects in store: the concrete ideas brewing range from theme parks and extended jetties to cabins in the Zealand treetops.

In Svendborg, an entire artificial island complete with hotel, café and activities in the archipelago will become a reality.

“The attraction combines a public area with lots of activities, especially in summer,” the Venstre mayor of Svendborg, Lars Erik Hornemann, told Politiken.

“This new initiative means we will have more experiences and wellness facilities, as well as an increased focus on local food, which strengthens the overall growth of the municipality.”

Not unrestricted though
The former SR-Government, together with Venstre, Dansk Folkeparti and Konservative, had already initiated a growth plan for Danish tourism.

Now, the Venstre government has announced that “all projects” closer than 300 metres to the water’s edge are acceptable, as long as they are environmentally sustainable.

This does not, however, mean that Svendborg Municipality will permit unrestricted building in the area, asserts Hornemann.

“We want to preserve what makes the area unique,” he told Politiken.

“Paradoxically, we have located a place where we have many natural conditions that are incredibly attractive as a holiday and leisure spot. Conversely, we have been encapsulated by a very restrictive framework, which has made it difficult to get plans into action,” he said, adding that ‘Archipelago Centre Christiansminde’ must be approved by the Danish Nature Agency before it can become a reality.

More ideas on the way
Yet, plans for coastal development are not limited to the Svendborg area.

Thisted Municipality has voiced plans for a ‘Cold Hawaii connecting Siberia’ project located near Klitmøller, which will pave the way for increased tourism and better access for surfers in the area.

The plan includes the construction of a ‘surfers paradise’ promenade, with new parking, toilet and eating facilities.

Lolland also has plans for its already popular Knuthenborg Safari Park, including the development of 200 accommodation units in the form of forest, manor and coastal rooms.

Further information on these developments has not yet been released.


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