Roskilde 2015: We saw stars … as many as seks Machina

Ella Navarro
July 3rd, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

“Embrace each other, see the person you have next to you and hug them”

They hadn’t been back to Roskilde since 2010, but judging by their reception it was like Florence and the Machine had never left, returning last night to rock the Orange crowd into submission at the 2015 edition.

Hundreds of thrilled festival-goers had queued for hours to jump around and sing along with the crazy, awesome, red-haired lead singer Florence Welch. And it was time well spent, it transpired.


A music machine
In a delicate pink-white outfit, provocative, barefoot and energetic – bouncing, spinning around and getting as close as she could to the crowd – Welch sure knows how to entertain an audience.

When singing ‘What kind of man loves like this?’, she grabbed a guy’s face in the front pit and sang to him directly into his eyes. And you could see he was touching the stars. No doubt he’ll never wash his face again. Or at least until Sunday morning.

‘In a world of darkness and romance’
Her voice is beyond perfection. When she speaks to the crowd, it is hard to equate her sweet tone with her strong passionate voice. But it is also a peaceful voice that transmits calmness and love. And trust me, this concert was all about love.

“If you love someone, you should tell them right now,” she shouted, and those present automatically responded by kissing their loved ones.

‘Spectrum (Say my name)’ and ‘Sweet Nothing’, two unforgettable themes, were my personal favourites on the night. She did a slower version of the Calvin Harris mix ‘Sweet nothing’ and an energetic and original version of ‘Say my name’, which made us all jump as high as we could.

 “Do you want to get high with us?” she asked. And everyone went crazy again, climbing on strangers or friends’ shoulders.


Beneath a clear sky
Before starting ‘How big, how blue, how beautiful, one of the songs from her latest album, she said: “This song was inspired by a blue sky – it’s a song about falling in love, and today, Denmark,  I see the bluest sky I’ve ever seen.”

As the stage presenter said: “It was a concert where you could feel it.” And we did – we all felt it in our hearts.




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