Three Danes found dead in a Norwegian national park

July 24th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

Two adults and a child have been missing since early Thursday

A visit to a beautiful Norwegian park proved deadly for some Danes (Photo: Mahlum)

Three Danes – two men and a 6-year old child – have been found dead during a search of Norway’s Femundsmarka national park area, according to Berit Sjømæling Hovin, operations head at the Sør-Trøndelag police district.

Sad discovery
The search for the three had been going on since early yesterday morning, focusing on the area around Lake Rogen on the Swedish border. The Norwegian paper VG said that the bodies were discovered on the Swedish side of the border.

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Swedish police had been leading the search and said that they found was no evidence of foul play, but have not yet been able to determine what happened.

“We do not know yet what exactly happened, or when the accident occurred,” police spokesperson Helena Hroh told the local media. “The coroner will help determine those details.”

The two men and one of the men’s six year old son were found dead in the lake last night at 19:30 pm not far from their capsized canoe. They had rented the canoe on July 14 and were scheduled returned it on Wednesday.  When they did not return, a search was launched Thursday morning.

Exposure could have been a factor
Lake water temperatures are about 12 degrees while nigh time air temperatures in the area have dipped down to five degrees over the past few nights.

The Danes  were all wearing life jackets. Speculation is that the cold water may have been a contributing factor in their deaths.


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