Hook up with Copenhagen at the 2015 Expat Fair!

Luisa Kyca
August 30th, 2015

This article is more than 9 years old.

(photo: Clive Thain)

All of the ‘freshers’ are excitedly gathering in the main hall, looking at the displays of the various clubs they might be joining. But this isn’t the first week at university, it’s the Copenhagen Expat Fair at City Hall on Wednesday September 2, and the ‘freshers’ are new international arrivals to the city.

A new country, a new job, a new language – international arrivals have loads of things to juggle and finding a fun way to spend their leisure time, meeting new friends and getting involved should not be one of them.

The Copenhagen Expat Fair organised by International House Copenhagen will give them the opportunity to hook up with clubs and make a smooth start to their time in Copenhagen.

Over 40 clubs and associations (right), covering everything from sports to culture and other leisure-time activities and hobbies, are present and waiting for you to come and join them.

Inspiring introduction
“Here at the Expat Fair the new citizens get an introduction to the cultural and leisure life in Greater Copenhagen, and they also get to meet some of the many clubs and organisations in the area,” Jonas Kongstad Østergård, the project manager at International House responsible for organising the fair, told the Weekly Post.

“Our hope is that the guests will feel inspired to take an active part in city life – whether they are interested in learning more about theater plays, events at cultural houses or museums, sports activities and other things.”

Establishing a network
When expats move to Copenhagen, most of them have a job and maybe a partner, but there is more to life than that. A good hobby or joining a sports team can give you a break from your daily routine and maybe lead to great friendships.

“It is important to establish a network and get yourself involved in the new community,” continued Østergård.

“Joining a sports club, attending an event at a library or a culture house, visiting a museum or becoming a volunteer are ways of engaging – and indeed fun ways of engaging.”

(photo: Linn Lemhag)

(photo: Linn Lemhag)

Pancakes and handshakes
Besides loads of clubs there are also free pancakes and an address from the deputy mayor for culture and leisure, Carl Christian Ebbesen, to welcome the guests.

Register at IHCPH.dk today and kick off your new life in Copenhagen the right way. Meanwhile, check out last year’s film about fair on YouTube!


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