Pop-up venue celebrating urban life to open in Copenhagen

Lucie Rychla
September 15th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

Visitors can look forward to DJs from Berlin, a special silent dinner experience, Danish bands, art installations and more

A giant dome-shaped venue will pop-up in the middle of Søndermarken park in Frederiksberg from September 18-26 that offers unique cultural experiences.

Run by Heineken, the so-called Stardome aims to attract locals as well as cultural promoters and creators who are looking for a venue to host special events.

Enhancing urban environment
According to Heineken’s brand manager, Kim Braget Nielsen, the Stardome venue provides a transitory space for music , film, fashion, food and urban lifestyle events.

“We want to be more local and relevant in Copenhagen, and we want to enhance the city’s urban environment,” Nielsen told Metroxpress.

Host your own event for free
Anyone with a creative idea can apply to use the dome for free and host a cultural event, while Heineken will provide lighting, sound, guards and bartenders.

While the program for this autumn has already been made, applications are still open for next year.

Berlin night club, silent dinner and Danish bands
The opening party on Friday will present a DJ line-up from the legendary Berlin night club Watergate and welcome up to 1,000 standing guests.

On September 23, visitors can experience what it feels like to have a silent dinner where all they can hear are the sounds of their own bodies, while the next day, Stardome will host an array of Danish bands, spanning from classical Danish rock to hard-hitting electronica and melancholic indie.


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