Danish portal for children gear goes live

Christian Wenande
October 6th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

KidUp helping parents to keep their costs to a minimum

Parents living in Denmark are well aware of the incredible costs that can quickly be accrued when they have children. Thousands upon thousands of kroner can evaporate from the bank account when shelling out for a pram, bed or car seat for the little rascals. Well now, there is help.

The Danish online children’s gear listing and rental portal KidUp aims to help alleviate the steep costs associated with having kids. Following in the tracks of the housing rental website Airbnb.com, KidUp brings people together for the purpose of renting gear and equipment for children at a reasonable price.

“As a first-time parent you can often be victimised when buying new equipment,” Christoffer Immanuel, one of the KidUp co-founders, told Politiken newspaper. “Parents want the best for their children.”

“But they don’t really have anything to compare it to so they often take the most expensive. KidUp will offer parent-to-parent information, rather than an 18-year-old Baby Sam store clerk trying to sell a product to new parents.”

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175 kroner pram
Immanuel said that during the development of the KidUp community, they discovered that many parents and families already rented and borrowed equipment from one another via Facebook groups and the classified online newspaper Den Blå Avis.

Paying 175 kroner per month for a pram, 50 kroner per month for a baby backpack or 100 kroner per month for a car seat are just a few of the pricing samples from KidUp. But anything from clothing and outdoor equipment to toys and furniture can be found.

The site (here in Danish) has about 200 users already and hopes to expand to about 10,000 users within the first year.


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