Danish boardsport rental portal expanding in the US

October 19th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

Startup refined platform at home before moving abroad

The Danish startup YoooWe is making strides in the US with its peer-to-peer surfing, skiing and boarding equipment rental portal, reports Trendsonline.

In June the company won the Venture Cup, a Danish startup competition, and last month it took second place in its category in the University Startup World Cup.

Expansion crucial
The service initially launched in Denmark, but Mads Misiak Friis, one of the co-founders, explained that it was always the intention to go Stateside.

“We have to be present in the biggest surf locations. That’s a crucial part of our strategy,” he said.

“The platform has been given a significant upgrade with regard to the payment service. Before we had Paypal, which was inconvenient for our users. That was one of the main reasons that we started testing in Denmark and are only now really expanding.”

The other YoooWe co-founder Silas Moestrup Pedersen is now based in California and the company is recruiting so-called community managers around the world to act as ambassadors.

It is free to list equipment – the company takes 10 percent of the rental price and the payment service also takes a cut.

According to Friis, over the course of the next few months the company will be looking for investors.

“We have built our platform, so now we have a lot of freedom to add all the features there is demand for, but that still requires capital.”

Check out YoooWe at yooowe.com.


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