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Vestas blazing the sustainable trail in Indonesia

Danish delegation making inroads into the southeast Asian country

Taking part in the Danish delegation currently visiting Indonesia, Vestas today signed an agreement that will allow it to establish the first commercial wind turbine park in the Southeast Asian country.

The delegation has been spearheaded by the Royal Couple and the foreign minister, Kristian Jensen, who called the Vestas agreement a “huge breakthrough for sustainable energy in Indonesia” and the Danish wind turbine giant’s prospects in the Southeast Asian market.

“The project will help support Indonesia’s ambition of reaching a 23 percent sustainable energy target by 2025, and it can pave the way for wind projects to have a more prominent position as an alternative to coal and oil,” said Jensen.

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Architect of success
The Vestas agreement includes a partnership with Asia Green Capital Partner regarding the development of the project, which is expected to produce about 220 GM per year on Sulawesi, Indonesia’s fourth largest island with about 20 million inhabitants.

The agreement came in tandem with the official opening of an energy-efficient building in Jakarta, the Gran Rubina, which was designed in collaboration with the Danish architect firm AG5. The building was awarded the prestigious International Property Award last year.

“The success for AG5 and Vestas in the Indonesian market proves that Danish companies have solutions to challenges experienced by growth economies,” said Jensen.

“And with agency co-operation, Danida’s business instruments, trade workers and growth advisors, we must become even better at matching the needs of growth economies with Danish competencies and companies.”