From Struggle to Success: Behind every successful entrepreneur there is a team

Joanna Atanassova
October 25th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

There are so many examples of entrepreneurs coming up with a similar or even the same idea, and one succeeds and the other one fails. The main reason for why this happens is the type of team that stands behind the entrepreneur.

Growing your company with a great team behind you should be an easy task, but it isn’t. As I’ve interviewed many successful entrepreneurs from around the world, I’ve got to understand what makes a team great and how sometimes it is difficult for team members to work together.

Some of the most common challenges that these growing organisations have are:

It is very common for teammates not to trust the judgment of one another. Usually in this type of environment there is constant checking and some opinions are not taken into consideration.

Not everyone takes initiative to get things done. There is often at least one person who always makes excuses and does not participate actively or contribute equally.

Different goals
One of the most common problems is when the team doesn’t understand what the objective of the work they are doing is. It is a great plus to have a different view on things, but sometimes this is not helpful, especially if the company’s objective is not set clearly.

Similar skill sets
It may feel comfortable to surround yourself with people who have much in common with you, but when it comes to business this is a no-go. You can’t expect a developer to have marketing knowledge and the opposite.

Bad communication
There are so many things that depend on good communication in the team. Everyone should be expressing their opinion and participating in the decision-making process.

The golden rule of creating a good team is to find people passionate about the same things as you: people who will understand and share your desire to change the world.



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