Danish National Police increases internal alert level

Shifa Rahaman
November 18th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

Internal alert level in Denmark has been increased, but will not affect ordinary Danes, says police chief

The terror attacks in Paris on Friday have prompted the Danish National Police to raise its internal alert level.

Markedly elevated preparedness
It stated in a press release that the alert was being bumped up from “elevated preparedness” to “markedly elevated preparedness”.

PET has announced it still believed Denmark faced “serious” terror threats, and it is not considering revising this estimation.

A speedy response
“This level of internal alert just means the police are a little bit more clear and aware of what they are doing than normal. They are more alert and are closer to their phones to ensure a speedy response should something happen,” the chief of police on Fyn, Steffen Daugaard, told DR Nyheder.

The alert level had previously been raised in response to the Charlie Hebdo and Copenhagen Shootings earlier this year.

Will not affect Mr and Mrs Denmark
Daugaard was also quick to point that there was no reason for ordinary Danes to be concerned.

“This is something put in place for internal clarity. It will not affect Mr and Mrs Denmark – Danes have no reason to take any notice of it,” said Daugaard.


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