Dane scores goal of the season … during warm-ups

Christian Wenande
November 26th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

Jannik Vestergaard shows off some sublime skill for a defender

Eat your heart out Zlatan (photo: Bundesliga)

Werder Bremen defender Jannik Vestergaard scored his first goal for the national team in Denmark’s disappointing Euro 2016 exit at the hands of Sweden recently.

This week the towering Dane made the rounds on the internet by scoring a fantastic goal by showing off some mesmerising skill that even Zlatan would be proud of. Alas, it was only during the warm-ups.

During Werder Bremen’s warm-ups against Wolfsburg last weekend, Vestergaard sublimely flicked the ball up behind him, heeled it over his own head and proceeded to volley it into the top corner of the goal via the post.

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10 for style, 0 for match
Unfortunately for Vestergaard, his pre-match antics didn’t seem to inspire much fear in the opposition. Werder Bremen went on to lose the match 0-6.

Still, the at least two-metre tall Vestergaard won some acclaim for his technical prowess (see below).


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