Out and About: Inspiring talks at the Black Diamond

This weekend we were inspired, encouraged and we learned, because TED Talks was in town!

You’ve probably heard of it and even watched one or two of the presentations on YouTube. And last Saturday was our chance to see some of the presenters in the flesh at the Black Diamond where 12 outstanding speakers took to the stage.

TED Talk’s motto is ‘ideas worth spreading’ and there’s no doubt that we left with this ringing in our heads!

Among them, Rob Scotland animated young generations to be “naive enough to think anything is possible”. He believes that this generation is about to change the world.

2.Khaterah Parwani- credit to daniela de lorenzo
Civil rights activist Khaterah Parwani (above) spoke up for Muslim women. “They are killed every day for choosing differently. Let’s invest in the freedom of choice,” she contended.

3.Selina Juul-credit to daniela de lorenzo
Selina Juul (above), the founder of the Stop Wasting Food movement, told the audience about techniques to avoid food waste. “Best before does not mean that it is toxic after,” she explained.

5.Jan Gehl

Architect Jan Gehl (top left) discussed urban planning in search of the human scale.

Some of the talks were projected by video. Psychologist Sherry Turkle debated how we always expect more from technology than we do from each other. And our tendency to be “alone together”, which relates to how much people spend today in front of their devices.

The evening concluded with entrepreneur Christian Stadil, who proposed that a closed door means a new one will open. It’s all about finding opportunities in places which seem limited, he said.