Denmark’s merchant fleet has never been bigger

November 30th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

Shipowners’ association: for a maritime nation’s influence, size matters

Denmark is the eighth biggest maritime country in the world in gross tonnage (photo: Danmarks Rederiforening)

According to figures released today by the Danish shipowners’ association Danmarks Rederiforening, the country’s merchant fleet has never been bigger.

There are currently 659 ships sailing under the Danish flag  – a combined tonnage of 15.5 million gross tonnes. Anne H Steffensen, the CEO of Danmarks Rederiforening, said that fleet size played a role in Denmark’s international influence in shipping.

“When we as a maritime nation work to promote quality shipping with a focus on responsibility, working environment, innovation and strong capabilities, then our size means something for our international impact,” she said.

“At the same time ships under the Danish flag ensure employment in Denmark. Therefore it is positive that the Danish flag is attractive and growing.”

Attractive to foreigners
Steffensen emphasised that the numbers also reflect some foreign shipping firms choosing to handle their shipping affairs in Denmark.

“We work closely with the industry, the authorities, the educational institutions and other maritime players to make it attractive across the board to be a shipping company in Denmark,” she said.

As of October 1, Danish shipping companies operated a total of 1,884 ships, making Denmark the eighth biggest maritime country in the world in gross tonnage.


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