Get lost in music with a legend – all month long!

Joe Morel
December 2nd, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

Get lost in music with a legend – all month long!

(photo by: SAT MAG)

It’s Celebration Time in Copenhagen – get lost in music all month as Debbie Sledge, part of all-American girls disco phenomenon Sister Sledge, brings some superlative jazz tunes to town. Her show at The Standard comes after a surprise appearance last year following the release of her solo jazz album Unsung.

Her jazz performances are far removed from the glitterball throwback of a live Sister Sledge concert. A solo vocal lets you appreciate the smoothness and poise in Debbie’s voice, and the undoubted talent of the Niels Lan Doky Trio’s slick accompaniment showcases both to the full.

The four will perform soul and jazz classics similar to those that proved so popular last time out they led to The Standard proposing a full December residency. In addition to crowd-pleasers like Gershwin’s ‘Summertime’ and Rodgers’ ‘My Funny Valentine’, the tunes that made Sledge famous get an airing too, albeit as much more jazz-influenced interpretations.

Calling the Niels Lan Doky trio ‘supporting musicians’ is an injustice. Doky is a co-founder of The Standard jazz club and was previously involved with Jazzhus Montmartre. His vast experience of jazz piano and Danish drum prodigy Niclas Bardeleben are kept in the groove by popular bassist Graig Earle. To have a jazz supergroup play so many dates is a privilege – put New Year’s Eve tickets on your Christmas list.


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