Hiper plans to bring cheap broadband to Denmark’s streaming generation

December 4th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

New internet provider hopes to disrupt the market with a simple product offering

A new broadband company called Hiper could challenge the existing internet provider market in Denmark, Børsen reports.

The company, which has been founded by three entrepreneurs from competing telecom companies (Fullrate and Cybercity), will provide fast broadband exclusive of TV packages and add-ons.

Stig Myken, who was one of the founders of the company Fullrate, explained that Hiper will seek to fill a new gap in the market.

“Consumers’ preferences have changed and we believe that we can fulfil a new need. We don’t need to turn the market on its head, but we should be the player that delivers pure, fast and, not least, cheap broadband on all platforms,” he said.

No-nonsense product
The company is especially targeted to young people who choose to stream the majority of the series, films and sports events they see instead of relying on traditional TV channels.

“In the telecoms branch it has always been a position that no-one has wanted to take because it isn’t lucrative for the big players to only focus on a single product. But if no-one else wants that position then we’ll happily take it,” Myken said.

Unlike the market for mobile phone services and television, which have seen aggressive price wars in recent years, internet services have been more or less stable in price. Hiper hopes to disturb the market by competing on price with its no-nonsense product.


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