Warring Danish biker gangs denied access to clubhouses in Næstved

January 4th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

Shots have been fired at the locations of the Bandidos and Black Army gangs

Southern Zealand and Lolland Falster Police has cracked down on an acute gang conflict in Næstved by prohibiting access to the clubhouses of the Bandidos and Black Army groups in the town until January 16.

Concern for local residents
The police’s decision follows incidents last week in which shots were fired at each of the clubhouses. Chief Superintendent Kim Kliver explained that it was in part due to concern for local residents.

“We are in no doubt that both groups feel threatened. And we can’t accept that their internal conflict should pose a potential risk to ordinary citizens in Næstved. The clubhouses are both located in closely populated areas in central Næstved, so an attack could also cause danger to local residents,” he said.

“Historically the police have experienced that conflict situations in the biker community are settled with the use of firearms. We are therefore taking the situation very seriously and are taking this action for the safety of the local community. At the same time, we are sending a message to the biker gangs that this kind of callousness won’t be tolerated.”

The ban is made possible by Rockerloven, the biker law put on the statute books in 1996, which makes it possible for the police to prohibit access to specific properties.

The police have also informed local restaurants, bars, cafés and nightclubs that members of the two gangs should not be admitted to minimise the risk of the conflict spreading.


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