Grace period over for drivers without securely fastened licence plates

January 13th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

No more warnings, fines on the way

Tighten them down, say cops (photo: FDM)

Traffic police in the Capital Region have been handing out warnings to motorists who have yet to fasten their licence plates securely in order to make it difficult for thieves to steal them. And now that period of grace is over.

Beginning immediately from today, a licence plate that is not fastened by at least two screws will earn the car owner a 1,000 kroner fine.

No more Mr Nice Guys
“Since 15 November, we have focusing on informing motorists about the new rules concerning anti-theft licence plates,” Michael Kristiansen, an inspector with the Copenhagen Police, told Berlingske.

“People have had long enough, so we will now start fining those who have not secured their plates.

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A survey done before Christmas by Applus Bilsyn, the country’s largest vehicle inspection service, revealed that around 300,000 motorists had not yet properly secured their licence plates.


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