Veterinarians warn that winter weather is hard on pets

Shifa Rahaman
January 19th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

Pay extra attention to your furry friends this winter

His winter coat is the height of fashion (Photo: Smallbones)

Humans aren’t the only ones feeling winter’s bite. Our furry companions are having a time of it too – icy conditions mean they require a little more help this season.

Doggie’s day out
Veterinarians have warned that households with animals such as dogs and cats need to take extra precautions with their pets’ safety during the winter.

“There are many dogs that come into the clinic with sprains because they have skid on the ice and snow,” veterinarian Susanne Schantz Laursen told DR.

She believes owners need to be more mindful of winter conditions when taking their pets, especially dogs, out for walks.

Road salt is also a cause for concern, as it can dry out the paws and cause them to crack. Paw wax can help.

Let’s stay home
As far as cats are concerned, they’d really much rather stay at home during winter (and who can blame them?).

However, if your moggy insists on being let out, vets caution that it is important for outdoor cats to have access to a cat flap so they aren’t left out in the cold for extended periods of time.


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