Copenhagen to buy wind turbines in the North Sea

The capital does not have enough space in its wind farms to meet climate targets

Copenhagen has announced plans to invest in wind turbines in the North Sea in order to meet ambitous climate targets, reports DR.

The city aims to produce 360 Megawatts energy from wind by 2025 in its goal to become the world’s first CO2 neutral capital, but does not have space for more wind turbines in its coastal wind farms.

According to Jesper Pedersen, the head of wind and energy trading at HOFOR (Greater Copenhagen Utility), the city is considering investing in two of five possible wind farms, which are all able to produce 200 MW.

Offshore wind bid
Two of these farms are located in the North Sea, two are in Kattegat near the town of Sæby and the isle of Sejerø, and the last one is located between Zealand and Lolland in Smålandsfarvandet.

HOFOR and its German partner have pre-qualified to bid on the wind farms along with the European Energy Nearshore Consortium and Vattenfall Vindkraft.

The tender closes on April 4.