The verdict on this vintner is in the vitality of his vines

Carsten Pedersen
February 9th, 2016

This article is more than 8 years old.

Vino at the Chateau is off to Tuscany

Located close to Montalcino in southern Tuscany, the small boutique winery La Pieve has in record time been acclaimed as ‘a hidden gem’ by wine experts everywhere.

Under the Tuscan sun
The adventure started in connection with a generational shift in 1985, when German lawyer Robert Baumann bought some farmland from the Bianchini family.

This 1.8 hectare plot of land now produces vintages that wine lovers the world over are keeping a keen eye on.

From lawyer to wine lover
Baumann’s philosophy is simple: the area in the vicinity of the Abbey of Sant’Antimo is one of the warmest in the country, but is regularly relieved by the cool winds that blow down from the Tuscan hills.

The unique climate allows for the production of intense grapes and therefore intense wines – there is a clear ‘red thread’ that runs through the three grape variants produced.

Baumann has applied his meticulous legal application to producing wine and spends his times in the fields and the basements, producing exclusive wines of such high quality that only a few distributors have won the right to trade them.


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